Signs from your loved ones

I’m often asked if we really get signs from our loved ones that have crossed over. Absolutely! I believe that our loved ones in the spirit world work very hard to gain our attention so that they can give us a sign or message that we will recognize in order to let us know that they love us and are with us. What can you do to recognize them?


Do you feel it?

Self-love. We hear those two words all the time. It’s something that we’re all supposed to feel, isn’t it? We’ve all read countless self-help books and attended multiple workshops telling us it’s what we must feel before we can accept or let love in. Many of us may feel that it’s something we should have learned to have as a child and are sometimes confused as to why it seems to be missing in our lives. What is self-love really?

HOLIDAYS and how to handle the family drama

When you read the word “holidays,” do you get excited thinking of all the family members you will be reunited with, or do chills go up and down your spine? Whether we’re getting together with our immediate family, extended family, or simply attending an office gathering for the holidays, it can cause us to have various emotions, including that of fear and stress.

GRATITUDE- how it’s changed my life

Have you ever started a gratitude journal and then found that after a few days, or maybe even a week, you completely forgot about it? It wasn’t intentional but somehow, life got in the way, the excitement about doing it waned, or you simply didn’t feel that you had anything that you were grateful for that day.

I have!