Message from Caroline:

I will work with you individually to help you gain a better understanding of your intuitive and spiritual gifts, and how to learn to trust the signs and messages that you may be getting. I will work with each individual at their current experience level and will share experiences that will help you learn to expand your connection with your higher self, as well as those on the other side.

Course Description:

This program will allow us to work together on an individualized basis to connect you with your higher self, learn to listen to and notice the signs in your daily life, see where you are with regards to sensing energy and Spirit, and to help you acknowledge, use and strengthen your gifts. Through these one on one, Skype based sessions, my goal is to help you live an easier existence, by learning to use the tools that are already within us, so that you may live a richer, more wholehearted and Spirit centered life. The range of what we work on will vary from client to client. My hope is that through the exercises that we work on and the guidance that you receive, you will be able to live with a happier heart and a quieter mind, and will be able to feel the connection to Spirit in the most comforting of ways.

I have developed this program from my many years of experience with sensing my own intuition and my connection to the other side. My experience includes years of study through books and courses, as well as nine years of doing one on one, both intuitive and mediumship readings globally.

I continue to strive to better my skills and connection and ability to listen to Spirit. Through my life experiences with Spirit and through my life’s work, I have found my sense of purpose and have learned to live life with great love and compassion. My goal in life is to be able to share this with you, so that you too, can feel that same sense of peace and connection.

Through my work with Louise Hay, I learned over 25 years ago, that our joy and happiness truly begin with our connection within and our love within. I believe this begins with our connection to our higher selves, as we all have what we need within us at any given moment.

Each session will be tailored to further build on your self-awareness, your continued understanding of spirit within, so that you are motivated to walk the path you were meant to walk while here on earth.

If this program resonates with you then join me on what will be a journey of self-discovery and a deepening of your awareness, this program is offered worldwide via Skype

Who is this program for?

Anyone looking for change, or finding themselves stuck in life.

This program is designed to honor the individual.

This program is meant to:

  • help you become more aware of your thoughts on a day to day basis.
  • help you quiet your mind by going within or by using tools given to you.
  • help you become more comfortable with where you are with your connection to your higher self and to the other side.
  • help you learn to accept who you are.
  • help you learn how to expand on the connection that you already have.
  • Give you tools to help you gain greater clarity and confidence about your desired pathway and focus.


  • I am offering five one hour mentoring sessions for $599, when payment made in full, prior to the first session.
  • We will schedule five one hour sessions every two weeks as both our schedules allow.
  • All five sessions must be completed within six months of the first session.
  • Limited spaces available
  • To secure your spot, send me an email and we will get started!


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