Caroline is a true gift to this world. I met her two years ago for a reading and was blown away by her abilities. Not only does Caroline channel with extreme accuracy, she relays messages in a kind and gentle way. Caroline shares messages from your guides/angels in a relevant and tangible manner – no metaphors or generalizations. I was so impressed (and still am!) by Caroline that I gave one of my family members a reading as a holiday present. I highly respect Caroline and am grateful that she is in my life. I truly feel that I have gained tremendous clarity and self-confidence from working with her. Whether you meet with Caroline in person or over the phone, be prepared for a life changing experience!

BT, Georgia

I have experienced tremendous transformation, growth and clarity since beginning YCHYL Life Coaching Sessions with Caroline Brown. She truly is such a clear and divinely guided practitioner of this work and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Her background as a medium is certainly helpful and an added bonus to the coaching sessions but even without that, the weekly accountability, check-ins and activities will inevitably change one’s life for the better — it’s a certainty. I have made more strides and achieved more goals in the last year of coaching with Caroline than I can measure at any other point in my life and I owe so much of it to her coaching and her kind, encouraging spirit. Whether you have a giant goal to tackle or just want to create a more beautiful life one step at a time, Caroline as a YCHYL coach can guide you and see you through on that journey while making it one that is gentle, fun and miraculous.

HS from Nashville, TN.

I have been a client of Caroline’s since June of 2013. She is very talented. Her mediumship has been such a positive, healing force and gift for my life. Each session has been a powerful emotional, spiritual, and joyful experience. And if she is teaching a Louise Hay Heal Your Life workshop, RUN to register! I participated in her September 2014 weekend classes. I highly recommend the sessions! Caroline’s insight and encouragement have continued to help me forgive myself and others, to show compassion for others, and to be grateful for my blessings.

Marie from Monroe

Caroline is a very gentle, compassionate and helpful spiritual counselor. She works with you through your issues and provides tangible exercises to assist you in leading a more peaceful life. We all have wants and desires but Caroline addresses your inner most needs (spiritually and emotionally) and works with you to make sure those are met. Working with her is like having a conversation with an gifted angel because she can read your energy and tap into your spirit. A person who soothes fears and connects with God in a loving way. She reminds me that love is the answer to every question I have and has helped me learn to love myself more and has taught me how to loving live my life. She is a godsend and a blessing for anyone seeking to do the necessary work to live a fulfilled life.


I attended the two day Heal Your Life Workshop. The group and Caroline were wonderful. We opened up the wounded spirits within ourselves and by the end of day two,we were on our way to healing our souls. This was the most uplifting experience I have ever had in my entire life. I recommend this to everyone, whether you are suffering from past relationship hurt, or a family history of abuse, or just wanting to open up and see what life really has to offer you… you will leave with a feeling of positive energy, and a love for yourself.

Ash, Atlanta

Caroline is absolutely the real deal and I feel very fortunate and blessed to have her become part of my life. Her readings are stunningly accurate, compassionate and reassuring. After only a few sessions I consider her a dear friend and life long council as I make my way through life. I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking guidance.

Mark, Ohio

Caroline, I was drawn to your energy for a reading when I saw your bio on the P&D website. I’ve since seen you several times for a personal reading and an Angel workshop gathering. You are very caring person who is so comfortable to be around. Your energy is so positive and I can tell you are heart energy because you are coming from a place of love. Your readings have helped direct me at the time when I needed it. You taught me me that loving myself was the most important love we can have. You taught me to enjoy the journey more and the destination really doesn’t matter. I am much happier living that way. You also taught me that focusing positive on someone changes the energy of the situation. You also brought to me precious messages from my loved ones who have passed on. Thank you for changing the course of things for me at the time of need and helping me see how important the lessons learned are instead of the outcome. It’s helped me to trust my own intuition more and more and taught me to have more open communication with my angels.

Bless you, Marie

When I first went to see Caroline for a reading, I was at a pretty low point in my life. I was hopeless and didn’t know which direction to turn. Caroline’s readings have absolutely changed my life. When I’m with her, I feel as if I’m talking to my spirit guides directly. Through her readings and her Heal Your Life workshop, she has helped me to improve every aspect of my life significantly. It’s amazing how far I’ve come. I’m able to connect to my spirit guides easier and let go of what is not for me in life. I now trust in God, which was incredibly difficult for me a few years ago. Her workshop has helped me to let go of old resentments, forgive, and find love in all things. I highly recommend Caroline to all of my family members and friends!